Do you want to own a small part of Emirates’ first Airbus A380?

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The A380 A6-EDA
A6-EDA flew an impressive total of 6,319 flights, visiting 62 destinations during her time in service. She carried over 2.1 million passengers, providing them with comfort and safety, accumulating a total flight time of 55,863 hours, equivalent to nearly six and a half years in the air.

Her most frequented destination outside Dubai was Sydney, Australia, with 760 landings. The longest-ever route covered 14,200 km from Auckland, New Zealand, back to Dubai, lasting 16 hours and 39 minutes on 17-March-2017.

After her retirement in April 2020, A6-EDA was carefully dismantled at Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC) in Dubai by Falcon Aircraft Recycling. Being only the third A380 ever dismantled and recycled, the process took less than five months to complete.

While most of the aircraft’s materials, like metals and plastics, were returned to the local waste stream for recycling, some large sections were retained for upcycling, leading to the creation of this unique merchandise collection

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The Emirates A380

Inbound flight icon
weighs between 510 and 575 tonnes

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is as long as 2 blue whales and as tall as 5 giraffes

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has 4 million parts

Emirates A380


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