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Pure Diving Aruba Pure Diving Aruba Pure Diving Aruba Pure Diving Aruba
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Pure Diving Aruba

We are a new and eco friendly dive shop located in the middle of the island Aruba, on a lovely pier in between the mangroves and beautiful quite dive spots.
Our charming boat is the Drumfish (20% on biofuel) can fit easily 18 persons but we love to keep it small. Our max. on the boat will be around 10. We go out in the mornings for the 2-tank certified dives and keep the afternoons for the non-certified divers who like to go for a course or just for an introduction dive. Late afternoon we do (UV) night dives.
Our Dive Instructors are both PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) and SDI (Scuba Diving International) certified and are allowed to give courses and certifications for both diving organizations. We are the only SDI dive shop on the island.
Besides to this, we are also the Headquarters of the Aruba LionFish Initiative Foundation to spear the Lion fish – which doesn’t belong in our habitat – to protect all other fish and coral.
We also can do the course and certification to become an ALFI Certified LionFish Hunter.
Airline Staff Discount: 20% discount