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Jumbo Stay

From the mid of January 2009 can guests for the first time ever, be able to spend the night in a real, converted jumbo jet – on the ground! This is the perfect way to start your trip abroad. The plane is a used out jumbo jet model 747-212B from 1976. It has been awarded a brand new, modern interior decoration, offering night guests an experience apart. It’s exciting for aviation enthusiasts and families with children as well as for business people. This exhilarating experience leaves no-one indifferent –we promise.

Brief facts about Jumbo Stay
Airplane type: Boeing 747-212B
Year of manufacture: 1976
Name: Liv (after owner’s daughter)
Number of rooms: 33
Number of beds in total: 76
Number of beds per room: 1-4 beds
Room size: Circa 6 square meters, 3 meters to ceiling
Location: ARN – Arlanda Airport, Stockholm Sweden

Airline Staff Discount: 20-30% discount based on availability

− Must show a valid Airline ID card –

Contact: booking@jumbostay.com
Website: www.jumbostay.com