As a Material Logistic Specialist, Brenda organizes aircraft parts in order to help aviation maintenance technicians keep our aircraft safe and reliable. © Image American

During Hispanic Heritage month, American Airlines is celebrating those who come from different backgrounds, but are connected by their commitment to keeping our customers and communities at the heart of our operation. Tech Ops team members Brenda Germosen and Ryan Artolachipe are great examples of going above and beyond to care for our customers.

Brenda Germosen, a Material Logistics Specialist at Tech Ops – Tulsa, cares for our customers from American’s largest maintenance base. In fact, she says working at a place that helps connect so many communities is what makes working for American a dream for her.


Ryan, a Crew Chief at LAX, treats every aircraft as if his own family will be flying on it when he performs maintenance. © Image American Airlines

“Working at American is a dream. If it wasn’t for our customers, I wouldn’t be here,” Brenda said. “Everything I do, I do with love. I always try to take great care of our customers.”

Originally from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Brenda developed a passion for helping others when she was young. Beginning in eighth grade, she wanted to help combat poverty and homelessness in Honduras and began volunteering with Catholic Charities. Now that she’s with American, she has even more of an opportunity to give back to those in her home country and other countries in Latin American.

As a member of the Customer Assistance Relief Effort (CARE) team and Do Crew team — American’s employee volunteer programs — Brenda volunteers every chance she gets. For instance, last year she flew with fellow team members to both Puerto Rico and Mexico in the aftermath of hurricanes Maria and Willa, assisting with the relief efforts and raising funds to help with recovery. Brenda has also been heavily involved in other volunteer efforts focused on veteran and homeless initiatives, as well as with charities such as Susan G. Komen.

Brenda began her aviation career as a Passenger Service agent with Avianca Airlines in Honduras. She worked in Honduras for eight years before moving to the U.S. and joining American in Fleet and Passenger Service at Miami International Airport. While Brenda enjoyed working with customers, she decided to accept an opportunity at Tech Ops – Tulsa in Material Logistics. She is responsible for securing, receiving, disbursing and shipping aircraft parts and materials to maintenance teams across the American network.

Although she no longer works directly with customers, she still keeps our customers top of mind. Brenda believes that mobilizing the right parts and materials at the right time ultimately helps us run a safe and reliable operation.

“Brenda has a strong commitment to helping others,” said Bobby Vaziri, Senior Manager of Interiors at the Component Repair and Overhaul shop at Tech Ops – Tulsa. “Her willingness to serve, her positive attitude and her passion for her work makes Brenda an exceptional member of our American Airlines family and a wonderful example of taking care of our customers.”

Much like Brenda, LAX Crew Chief Ryan Artolachipe is also committed to caring for people. His family instilled in him the importance of meticulously maintaining the safety and performance of airplanes because, as an aviation maintenance technician (AMT), he’s largely responsible for how aircraft perform during flight. He understands that taking great care of our aircraft is also taking care of our customers — a responsibility he doesn’t take lightly.

Ryan has strong roots in the aircraft maintenance industry. His father and grandfather were both AMTs in Cuba. As a third generation AMT, Ryan says aviation is in his blood.

“I’ve always wanted to be in aviation. Growing up in the industry made me realize early on that this is what I wanted to do,” Ryan said. “Our job is to ensure the safety of every aircraft and, therefore, every customer. I treat every aircraft as if my own family will be flying on it.”

Ryan’s grandfather began his aviation career in 1930, working for Pan American and Camaguey-Ignacio Agramonte Airport in Cuba. After performing maintenance on various aircraft, including Pan Am’s Sikorsky S-42 “Flying Boats,” he retired in 1958.

Ryan’s father started working at Cuba’s national airline, Cubana De Aviación, in 1958. In 1961, Ryan’s father moved to the U.S., working in various aviation positions in New York before he settled in Las Vegas where he worked as an AMT for Bonanza Airlines. After working in various positions at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), San Francisco International Airport and Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, he eventually retired in 2004.

Ryan followed in their footsteps when he became an AMT in 2007. After starting his career with America West, he’s been an AMT at LAX with American for more than 12 years.

Ryan attributes his success to his father and grandfather, who he considers his role models. He believes determination, focus and giving your best will go a long way in this industry.