On December 5th, Alitalia welcomed its first new medium haul interior to match the new styling found in the airline’s long haul cabins. This starts  the major cabin refurbishment of Alitalia’s short and medium fleet of 96 aircraft has begun with the project earmarked for completion by April next year.



On average four aircraft are going to be retrofitted per week, which will match the airline’s plans to repaint each of the aircraft in the new livery that was launched in June this year. The refurbishment work on each aircraft will take five days from start to finish and more than 14,000 black leather seats with elegant beige stitching will be fitted on board the Alitalia aircraft. Taking design cues from their new A330 interiors, each seat will have new coloured headrests – beige for business class and red for economy. Every plane will be fitted with new ‘wood effect’ bulkheads which will feature the distinctive Alitalia logo.

“The aim is give a greater feel of Italian style and quality on board the aircraft that will hopefully attract new customers and retain existing ones.” Marco Martinasso, Alitalia’s Vice President Marketing said.

“We have shifted from a typically technical type of refurbishment which relied more on functionality, airworthiness and acceptable aesthetics to a new focus on customers and higher levels of service. We want our customers to experience a higher degree of comfort by providing a much better standard of cabin.”

For those travelling on the long haul fleet will take solace in the news that Alitalia will have completely renovated the 777 and A330 fleet by the end of 2016, with currently six of the 24 aircraft in the fleet. Whist we loved the original light grey and green interiors of the short haul fleet, the new interiors follow the bold, bright and typically Italian style. The wooden bulkheads also offer a synergy with the long haul cabins, unifying the airline product.