Alaska Airlines unveiled its first redesign in 25 years this week.

The redesign will soon appear on all aspects of the airline, including the plane cabin interiors, employee uniforms, digital marketing, at the airports and on credit and membership cards.

The major visible changes include a more streamlined logo, revamped Eskimo icon and new color palette.

“Our refreshed brand really is an evolution, not a revolution, of Alaska Airlines,” Sangita Woerner, vice president of marketing, said in a statement. “It’s now time to show up to our customers in a bigger, brighter way.”

The eskimo — the airline’s emblem since first appearing on the tail in 1972 — got his first update. In 1988, when the airline last tried to update the icon, residents of the states of Alaska called for a resolution, named “Don’t Touch the Eskimo”.


Woerner said it will take three or four years to complete the rollout of the new look.

“Our approach to rolling out our refreshed brand has been very strategic,” she said. “In terms of changing the liveries, we plan to repaint planes when they are scheduled.”


The first airport to undergo rebranding is Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, unveiled to customers on Tuesday. By the end of the year, more than 40 planes and all 111 airports that the airline serves will go through rebranding.

“We believe our refreshed look reflects the warm relationships our employees have built with our customers,” said CEO Brad Tilden, “and makes us stand out in a compelling and consistent way as we expand into new markets, build loyalty and attract new customers.”