As a pilot, this pandemic has affected you and your colleagues in a very drastic way. For you, flying is not only your job, you need to fly to maintain your pilot skills and because it’s what you love to do!

Airside was born at CAE, to support pilots grounded due to COVID-19 with training and career resources that prepare you to fly again.

From Pilots to Pilots

Through our network of the 135 000 pilots that train at CAE each year, we were able to survey thousands of pilots to get the pulse of what questions they needed answered the most.

“How do I stay current? How do I get type rated on a new platform, how do I prepare for interviews, where do I find jobs?”

With this information we worked closely with pilots, experts in aviation recruitment and pilot training to create and compile the most complete repository of COVID-19 pilot relief resources in the form of articles and instructional videos.

These resources can be found on Airside today, and we continue to add tools and resources on a weekly basis.

How Can Airside Help Me?

As a pilot, you can expect a wide range of content and tools on Airside which will be organized in four pillars: Training, career, lifestyle and community.

  • Training: Our priority in a COVID-19 environment is to provide training information that will keep you current and sharp while you may not be flying.
  • Career: The career pages provide advice on how to prepare for interviews and write the best pilot CV.
  • Lifestyle: Our lifestyle section is all about life as a pilot, aviation industry news & trends, health & wellness articles written by pilots for pilots.
  • Community: The community is what brings pilots together to comment and unite and debate on a particular topic.

Meet you on AIRSIDE

Airside is the side of an airport that is exclusive to pilots and crew and that is exactly what this platform is, exclusive to pilots.