Airline Food

Virgin Upper Class
Clockwise from top right: Salted butter, malted wheat and oat roll, glass of Garden Brut Premiere Cru Champagne.
Thai beef salad, seared sirloin beef, dressed with a sweet chili, lime and ginger dressing and crumbed roasted cashews. Created for Virgin by Lorraine Pascale.
Italian buffalo mozzarella, heritage tomatoes and sweet pepper berries, drizzled with Italian extra virgin olive oil and balsamic glaze.
Brioche and butter pudding, served with Madagascan vanilla syrup and double cream.


Virgin Premium Economy
Clockwise from right: Chicken, sweet potato and coconut curry, with coriander rice.
Asian slaw salad of carrots, celeriac, sweet chillies and slaw dressing. As well as Jacob´s crackers, Croxton Manor mature Cheddar, 1/4 bottle of wine.
Apple & blackberry pudding

Virgin economy

Virgin Economy
Clockwise from bottom right, Slow-coocked beef bourguignon, with rosemary, roasted root veg and mustard mash.
Mediterranean orzo salad, dressed in a sunblushed tomato and roasted pepper dressing.
Gu Chocolate Orange. As well as Jacob´s crackers, Boursin Garlic & Herbs, 1/4 bottke of wine.

All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airways First Class
Clockwise from top right: Miso Soup
Pickles preserved in vinegar Japanse tea
“koshihikari” brand rice from Nichinan-cho Hino-gun in Tottori Prefacture.
Simmered salad with wasabi.
Seasonal salad with wasabi. Dressed asparagus and kojac with sweet sesame paste.
Marinated salmon in piquant-vinegared sauce. Japanese tea. Clear soup with a steamed prawn cake.
Zensai, a selection of morsels including Japanese omelette and sake-steamed abalone.

All Nippon

All Nippon Airways Business Class
Clockwise form top right: Assorted pickles. Seasonal salad. A selection of morsels including dressed bamboo shoot and simmered octopus.
“Koshihikari” rice. Simmered duck and vegetables. Miso soup. Depp-fried sea bream with thick ponzu sauce.

All Nippon

All Nippon Airways Economy
Clockwise from top right: A selection of fresh fruit. A selection of traditional appetisers. Seafood curry with steamed rice. Japanese noodle with spring onions, served with soy-bases source.
Miso soup.


Source: Sam Barnes,