Want to learn how to maximize your flight benefits?

89 Things To Do As An Airline Employee Before you QUIT is a step-by-step guide on making the most of your airline employee benefits.

From flying around the world in a weekend, enjoying breakfast in Hong Kong or attending the four major Tennis Opens, this 358-page book provides detailed instructions–plus a few insider travel secrets–with the airline employee in mind

Here are some of the suggestions in the book:

  1. Visit an airplane graveyard
  2. Take a day trip to beautiful Oahu
  3. Visit somewhere different every weekend for a month
  4. Fly around the world in a weekend
  5. Fly around the Southern Hemisphere
  6. Fly around the world only on Airbus A380 operators
  7. Fly around the world on one airline brand (almost)
  8. Take a weekend trip to see the crystal-clear Caribbean beaches
  9. Take a weekend trip to Europe
  10. View the Sydney Harbour from high atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Sydney
  11. Visit Iceland
  12. Visit the Swedish Lapland

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