TAHITI – Pearl Lodges 54% discount

Location in Tahiti: Located in a manificent tropical garden, the Keikahanui Nuku Hiva Pearl Lodge overlooks the bay and village of Taiohae and the black sandy beach lying 50 steps below.
Pacific paradise. A Polynesian lodge close to nature located in the Marquesas Islands, the Hanakee Hiva Oa Pearl Lodge faces the majestic Mount Temetiu (3903 feet) and offers amazing views of Traitors Bay, the Bordelais canal, the small island of Hanakee and in the distance the precipitous volcanic island of Tahuata.

Keikahanui Pearl Lodge | Hanakee Pearl Lodge
Airline Staff Discount: 54 % Discount

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1300 CFPF = US$120
Valid to 31 December 2017

Contact:  keikahanui@mail.pf  | hiva.oa.pearl@mail.pf
Website: www.pearlodge.com