Kenya Safari

Never far from their mother’s reach, young giraffes still need plenty of practice before walking and running on those long legs becomes a reliable way to both escape danger and reach branches where delicious leaves and berries are waiting to be enjoyed. 


Top of the wish list: The African Safari

To be part of a real African safari ought to be on everyone’s bucket list. 

Encountering a lion pride lying in the early morning sun,, a herd of 30 roaming elephants on the savannah or a riverbed lined with dozens of snoozing hippos in the late afternoon is by any measure a majestic, if not life-changing experience. 

Here are fresh safari images by Swedish American photographer, Joakim Lloyd Raboff from his recent visit to Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.

HipposHippos are commonplace in and around the Mara River. As lazy and tired as they may seem, the hippo is considered one of the world’s most dangerous animals and can on land – at short distances – achieve impressive speeds. In the water, however, they are agile, ruthless and lighting fast. 

Marsh Lions
The Marsh Pride are a pride of lions who are the longest featured stars of Big Cat Diary, Big Cat Week and now Big Cat Live. The live in an area of the Masai Mara, Kenya known as the Musiara Marsh, and are the area’s dominant pride.

ImpalaImpalas are common, curious but easily startled. These beautiful creatures are an important part of the food chain and a favorite among carnivores on the savannah.

Bush planeThe classic “bush plane” is definitely not designed or outfitted for comfort. Instead, they provide reliability and an means to both land on and take off from short runways almost anywhere in the bush. Some safari camps even have their own fleet of bush planes and “airports”. 

Safari cameraJoakim Lloyd Raboff recommends using a steady DSLR with a long telephoto lens and a monopod for stability in order to get those really close portraits of safari animals. His personal preference is the reliable full frame sensor, Canon EOS 5Ds with either a 100-400 mm or a 24-70 mm lens attached. 

ElephantsKeeping a safe distance to all the creatures you encounter during a safari is crucial – not only for your safety, but for the animals you meet as well. Elephants are especially sensitive when they are in the company of babies and youngsters. If you do experience a mock charge, you’ll certainly know that you’re way to close for comfort. 

LeopardRarest among the “Big Five” is certainly the leopard. Here, on the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, a lone leopard mother is looking for prey to feed her young with. 

LionsLion prides can vary in size and the older the cubs get, the more they roam and squabble with their siblings as part of survival training for when its time to leave the pride.

SunsetExperiencing daybreak on the Masai Mara in Kenya is nothing short of breathtaking. In the winter and spring, the day can start off pretty chilly, so bringing a warm sweater or thin down jacket along for the safari is advised.

OstrichThe African ostrich is a fairly common site during a safari. When threatened, it will either lay flat on the ground or try to kick with its powerful legs. Flying away from danger is not an option for this bird. 

WaterbuffaloUnlike Asian water buffalos, the African cousin (Cape Buffalo) has never been domesticated and as a member of the “Big Five”, is considered one the most dangerous   animals in Africa.

Discounted Safari Lodges

Mara Intrepids Camp

Mara Intrepids Tented Camps

Overlooking the Talek River, at the very confluence of the Mara’s four game-viewing areas, Mara Intrepids Camp enjoys one of the most spectacular locations in the world’s best-known wilderness. Mara Intrepids is a short drive from the Mara River, where more than a million wildebeest and zebra make their perilous migration crossing every July and August.
For the remainder of the year, the camp offers some of the world’s finest game viewing, with large local populations of plains game, elephants, rhinos, buffalos, and all the Big Cats.
Newly renovated tents, with four-poster king size beds

Price: fr. US$410 for 2 people, FULL BOARD included and 3 game drives/day

Mara Explorer Camp

Mara Explorer Tented Camps

The camp is situated on a broad, thickly forested bend of the Talek River in the very heart of the Maasai Mara National Reserve.
The luxurious tented camp lies at the confluence of the Masai Mara’s four main game-viewing areas, and enjoys prime views of the spectacular wildebeest migration between July and September. During the remainder of the year, herds of watering elephant, hippos and other animals can often be seen from your private veranda.
Mara Explorer’s own all-weather airstrip means you can be in camp less than an hour after leaving the bustle of Nairobi city.

Price: fr. US$660 for 2 people in a Luxury Tent, breakfast included and 3 game drives

Aruba Mara Camp

Aruba Mara Camp & Safaris

The camp is located at the Talek River, 50 m behind the Talek Gate. All of the tents have a view of the river and a fantastic outlook on the park. As you are having breakfast you can watch the animals drinking at the river, and what is more, you will also find a paradise of birds to watch. At the bush camp you will relish sitting around the camp fire and enjoying the view of the vast wilderness whilst the sun sets.
At the camp there is a tastefully furnished restaurant with a bar offering refined cuisine, so you can sit back, relax and end the evening on a cosy note. They also offer a laundry service and a car park and car wash site.

Aruba Camp can organize visits to a traditional village and schools, with other activities including game-viewing, bird watching, nature walks, balloon safaris, as well as bush picnics and bush breakfasts.

Price: fr. US$70 – US$240 for 2 people in a tent, no meals included

Sarova Mara Game Camp

Sarova Mara Game Camp

The rolling plains around the Camp are teeming with wildebeest, gazelles and zebras during the migration months, and the Camp is situated right in the center of their migration path. A wildlife safari puts you right in the middle of all this action. Get a first-hand account of this epic phenomenon and live to tell the tale. A safari also helps you acquaint yourself with the landscapes of this beautiful African setting.

By virtue of its location and layout, the Camp offers an unparalleled plethora of activities and experiences from luxury tented living to bird-watching, mini golf, sport fishing and a unique insight into the Maasai culture at the adjoining Maasai village.

All tents are built with spectacular views

Price: fr. US230 for 2 people, FULL BOARD included, Standard Tent